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READ THIS! This is Facebook for people who like to include facts in their thinking and acting. Feel free to post. You post will not be relegated to a side feed, and readers will see who posted. The Albuquerque - Bernalillo County Health Equity Assessment Tool was a collaborative neighborhood assessment initiative with the goal of providing communities and decision-makers in our city & county with evidence to build health into public and private policies and practices. ABC HEAT grew into NM CDC - the New Mexico Community Data Collaborative. An informal group of community assessment specialists who are sharing tools and databases and training in order to achieve the same goals of ABC HEAT. We are also sharing a unique on-line interactive mapping service - see our maps at . We believe that decision-makers must have reliable data on health status, disparities, and the effects of social determinants of health. These data must be monitored at the local level in collaboration with the people and families who live there, and funding must be available to promote community participatory assessment to understand these health effects and to promote the application of findings to decision-makers. Our efforts are currently directed at tons of teaching but also compiling comprehensive datasets about our neighborhoods and mapping information with GIS software in order to share the data widely. We are building working collaborations with public, private and non-profit agencies; sharing analysis, data and resources; geo-coding key indicators; and assisting our partners to teach, write grant proposals, target programs, and improve pubic policy.
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Tom ScharmenWednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 6:31pm
We forget how bad it was before. Let's not go back to that . . .
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"If each clinician performed 10 hours of community service, at a value of $75 per hour, that would result in $3,324,000 worth of licensed, professional behavioral health services provided to the state at no cost to taxpayers each year."
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